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Chisel – Flash Game

Tunnel your way through the ground to reduce the planets to the target size.

This was quite a difficult project for me to make. My math wasn’t that good at the time. Managed to finish it in one month. And the final result is pretty great. This is one of the few games my mother enjoyed playing, and I take that as an accomplishment.

Level Editor

I also made a level editor for the game. It allows you to place points, objects, select ground texture, background texture, and pick a message to say at the start.

Levels were serialized in xml, which definitely has room for optimization.

    <msg>Beep bop! I am chissler, a master | in digging technology. I can plough | through almost anything. Test my drill out | and cut this planet down to size.</msg>

What the level looks like
What the level looks like


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