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Turbo Balls – Casual Mobile Game

Brick breaker with a turbo spin.

Made a clone of a popular brick breaker game, mainly wanted to see how fast I could do it. I managed to get it done in two weeks. Gameplay was done in a single day, balancing too much longer. The real time-killer was all the bells and whistles that come with mobile games – ads, analytics, and publishing to the store.

At the time the interesting thing that stood out to me was how important game design really is. Within one day you have a game that is fun to play. I often prototype ambiguous ideas, and the end result will miss either a goal, challenge, or meaningful player interaction.

It is also crucial to know what you’re building because code becomes more difficult to change as time goes on.



  • Know what you’re building – start with the design.
  • Balancing eats a lot of time.
  • Releasing a mobile game is more work than it seems.


🕹 You can play it here

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