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Smash – Unfinished Mobile Game

Smash enemies to get upward momentum.

Back in 2015, the success of Crossy Road created quite a spark. This game was an attempt to build a game that would utilize a similar meta-game. The mechanics were inspired by Doodle Jump, and Goin' Up. You swipe into the direction you want to jump and smash enemies to get upward momentum.

Art by Gonzossm.

A sprite sheet with the player, enemies, and environment.

We were also looking for ways to make the art stand out. At the time I was a big fan of high-contrast graphics – bright colors on dark backgrounds.


Goin' Up

Why it Failed

We were making the game on the side. When the progress is slow, it kills enthusiasm. Apart from that, the swiping controls are a little tiring, especially for a casual game.

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