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Shuffle – Pinterest Board Randomizer

Shuffle loads pins from Pinterest and shuffles them around. It does not modify the original board in any way. The main purpose is to get re-inspired by older pins and to get creative with visual associations.

Shuffle is currently broken due Pinterest API getting deprecated. It will get fixed when the new version becomes available.



After reading Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative‑Thinking Techniques I’ve been trying to find ways to stimulate my brain and expose it to new ideas.


I think Pinterest is great, it’s like an ocean of ideas that goes with you anywhere you go. You can use a browser extension to Pin anything you see which greatly reduces friction. You end up with buckets of ideas.

However, this is where Pinterest falls flat. In order to find something you saved a while ago, you have to keep scrolling for a while. It also has no ability to randomize the board(s), hence this little app exists.

How it Works

Pick some boards and mix them together. Shuffle a few times, look for connections, come up with new ideas.


It’s written in Go with the Bootstrap Framework, Packery, and jQuery.

I don’t really think of myself as a web developer, but after dealing with systemd, OAuth2, and Let’s Encrypt, I feel I may be one. Overall, I really enjoyed working on this project, so much so the morning would turn to night in an instant.


“To inspire be inspired”.

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