Featured image of post Line Racers – Game Prototype

Line Racers – Game Prototype

Tap to speed up, avoid crashing on hard turns, and win the race!

This prototype utilized the MVC pattern inside of Unity. Looking back it feels like massive overengineering for such a simple game. The real advantage of using MVC is in multiplayer games. It allows you to easily synchronize the data and rebuild the visuals when things go wrong.

Furthermore, MVC is difficult to implement in Unity because a lot of the systems aren’t exposed into pure code. For example, if you want to use the physics system you are required to make new game objects, attach colliders and rigidbodies. So when working with MVC you will find yourself writing collision detection and resolution from scratch. It’s fun if you like challenging tasks, but also what a waste of time.


Don’t fight Unity if you don’t have to!

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