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Flashnova – Unfinished Community Website

FlashNova is an upcoming flash game development community run by a range of experienced developers in the flash development scene. We are currently in development and are working hard on fixing and adding new features to the site, so don’t be afraid to register and become one of the founding members of this growing community.

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That was back in 2009.

It was an ambitious project for the three of us. Gonzossm (art), Sam (back-end), and me (front-end). Many people got excited about Flashnova, created accounts, and started interacting.

Why it Failed

The development was slow. Back-end suffered the most due to the complexity of building such a website. All of the weight was left on Sam’s shoulders and admittedly it was too much.

When Flashnova died, I built a smaller version of it called Pixel Bear.

I’ll leave you now with some pretty pictures.


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